The FPI enables recreational athletes to access their detailed motivational structure and their mental fitness characteristics. Setbacks in the individual fitness progress can be avoided; the athletes are capable to overcome their inner weaknesses through individualized and goal oriented training.

The FPI targets recreational athletes from different athletic disciplines, fitness club members, or simply individuals who follow athletic, fitness, or weight loss goals. With training that matches personal characteristics, the risk of quitting (two out of three new gym members quit within the first six months) is drastically reduced and motivation is significantly increased.

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The FPI can be used with ambitious recreational athletes, in occupational health management, physical rehab and therapy, or as a specific add-on module for fitness club members. It is implemented by personal trainer, sport psychologists, fitness trainers, physical therapists, and professionals in the corporate health care environment. The assessment is recommended for individuals 16 years and older.


Feedback Overall score, 10 dimensions, 5 personality characteristics
Completion time 30 minutes
Internal consistency α (total) = .95, α (dimensions) = .47-.87
Construct validity Conscientiousness = .47, Openness for Experience = 36
Criterion validity Training time per week= .32, Performance-rating= .63
Norm base N > 200 recreational athletes and fitness trainer
Languages German, English
Features Fitness-specific language, available on ipad / tablet, precise recommendations for training methods
Price starting at 90 $ (70 €)

The feedback is a PDF document that can either be accessed directly or delivered automatically.

  • Feedback: 16 values
  • Completion time: 30 minutes
Price per session >
100,00 $

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