The Mental Sports Performance Indicator Soccer efficiently and reliably captures factors of mental strength, personality, and cognitive skills relevant to performance in soccer. With the combination of five tests in one assessment, players, coaches, and club officials are enabled to discover a player’s stable personality as well as his or her trainable mental strengths and weaknesses. This way, the MSPI Soccer fills the gap in recruiting and coaching soccer talents that up to now predominantly relied on technical and game skills as well as physical attributes.

The written feedback report forms the basis for a well-informed recruiting decision in knowledge of any necessary coaching and training measures. Additionally, it delivers information relevant to successful team selection and team building. To get a team that performs over and above their combined individual skills, it’s necessary to know not only the players’ personalities, but how they’ll interact and the resulting group dynamics. The players’ mental strengths, their integrity, their learning orientation as well as their teamwork skills are relevant to a stable and optimal development – individually and as a team.

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The MSPI supports coaches, associations, organizations, and sports psychologists in recruiting, consulting, and training professional and elite (junior) athletes. The assessments are recommended for professional use and diagnostics of (potential future or current) professional athletes. Application is recommended for athletes 12 years and older. The assessment is adapted for use with non-native speaking players with average language skills.

Feedback 14 dimensions, 4 phases, 3 facets of cognitive skills
Completion time 45 minutes
Internal consistency α (MSPI Soccer Training) = .95, α (dimenions) = .63-.88
Validity e. g. average rating over the season: r = .35 with confidence; goals/assists controlled for position with emotional coping during game: r = .48; significant relations between integrity and aggression and number of penalties
Norm base N > 200 players of German Bundesliga and US college soccer teams
Languages German, English, Turkish
Features Soccer-specific language, available on iPad/tablet, suitable for male and female players, adapted for players with average language skills
Price starting at 100,00 $ (90 €)


The feedback is a PDF document that can either be accessed online or delivered automatically.

  • Feedback: 40 values
  • Completion time: 45 minutes
  • Price per session 125,00 $
Price per session >
125,00 $

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