The MSPI combines comprehensive diagnostics and clear advice for professional athletes. Success relevant characteristics and skills are evaluated separately in four phases: training, prior to competition, during competition, and post competition. Athletes receive written feedback with general evaluation of their mental strengths in each of these four phases in addition to their psychological profile and an explanation of their strengths and weaknesses.

With the help of the results provided by the feedback from SPORTSDRIVE, one can derive specific recommendations and methods for individual athletic performance The repeated use of the MSPI illustrates, measures, and analyzes individual development and allows to monitor and promote individual progress.

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The MSPI supports coaches, associations, organizations, and sport psychologists in recruiting, consulting, and training professional and elite athletes. The assessments are recommended for professional use and diagnostic of (potential future or current) professional athletes. Application is recommended for athletes 14 years and older.

Feedback Overall score, 8 dimensions, 4 phases, ability to concentrate
Completion time 40 minutes
Internal consistency α (total) = .94, α (dimensions) = .67-.85
Construct validity ASM Sports = .45, CSES = .63
Criterion validity .37 with athletic success, -.59 with ranking by coaches
Norm base N > 500 competitive athletes
Languages German, English, Norwegian
Features Sport-specific language, available on ipad / tablet, retest-feedback for tracking of individual progress
Price starting at 90 $ (70€)


The feedback is a PDF document that can either be accessed online or delivered automatically.

  • Feedback: 30 values
  • Completion time: 40 minutes
Price per session >
120,00 $

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